Monday, November 30, 2009

List of games that run on my PC successfully

Hi, I have INTEL 915GV motherboard, P4 3.0 ghz processor and 512 MB RAM. Games that I have recently added (i.e within this month) are marked with " * ".


New ones:- (Games that require more than or equal to 32MB video memory)

1) Age of empires 3

2) Alpha prime (slightly laggy)

3) Area 51 (with v1.2 patch)(slightly laggy)

4) Battlefield 1942 (slightly laggy)

5) Black and White 2 (slightly laggy)

6) Blood rayne (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)

7) Broken Sword: The sleeping dragon

8) Brothers in arms: Earned in blood (runs better using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL) (laggy)

9) C&C Generals

10) Call of duty 1

11) CivCity Rome

12) Close combat: First to fight (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)

13) Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

14) Conan: The dark axe (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL) (crashes while opening weapons inventory)

15) CSI: 3 dimensions of murder

16) Doom 3 (slightly laggy)

17) Dungeon Lords (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)(slightly laggy)

18) Dungeon Siege 2

19) Earth 2160 (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)

20) Empire earth 2

21) Evil dead: Regeneration

22) Fable: The lost chapters (slightly laggy)

23) Far cry (graphics are corrupted if u start normally)(runs with proper graphics using 3D ANALYZE, VendorID - 4098, DeviceID - 20040)(slightly laggy)

24) F.E.A.R (all patches/updates required v1.01 to v1.08)

25) Fifa 08

26) Flatout

27) Gangland

28) Godfather

29) GTA: Liberty city

30) GTA: Vice city

31) GTA: Sanandreas

32) Gun

33) Half life 2: Episode 1

34) Halo 1

35) Harry potter 4: The goblet of fire

36) Hitman 2: Silent assasin

37) Hitman 3: Contracts

38) Homeworld 2

39) Hulk

40) Indigo prophecy (Gets stuck at some places) [best game I ever played]

41) Iron man (slightly laggy)

42) Land of the dead: Road to fiddlers green

43) LEGO: Star wars (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)

44) LEGO: Star wars 2

45) Lord of the rings: Battle for middle earth 2

46) Lord of the rings: Return of the king (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)(laggy)

47) Lord of the rings: War of the ring

48) Madagascar

49) Mafia

50) Max payne 2

51) Melbourne cup challenge

52) Midnight club 2 (slightly laggy)

53) Morrowind

54) Moto GP 3: Ultimate racing technology

55) Myst V: End of Ages

56) Nancy Drew: The white wolf of icicle creek

57) Nascar: SimRacing

58) NiBiRu: The age of secrets

59) Night watch

60) NFS: Underground 1

61) NFS: Underground 2

62) NFS: Most wanted

63) Oblivion (runs with oldblivion)(slightly laggy)

64) Onimusha 3: Demon siege

65) Overspeed: High performance street Racing

66) Painkiller (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)

67) Port royale 2

68) Prince of persia: Sands of time (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)(Wont work with setup file, try Sands of time dopeman rip from torrents)

69) Prince of persia: Warrior within

70) Prince of persia: The two thrones

71) Project IGI 2: Covert strike

72) Psi Ops:The mindgate conspiracy

73) Rise of Nations 1

74) Rise of nations 2: rise of legends

75) Rogue Trooper

76) Serious sam 2

77) Silent hill 4: The room (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)

78) Sims 2 (slightly laggy)

79) Sins of a solar empire

80) Soul reaver 2

81) Sniper Elite

82) Star Wars: Empire at War

83) Street Racing syndicate

84) SWAT 4

85) The Egyptian Prophecy

86) The great escape

87) The Suffering: Ties that Bind (Graphics look lot better with 3D ANALYZE, with pixel shader effects enabled, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)

88) Thief: Deadly shadows

89) Tom clancy's Splinter Cell (Experiencing problems with thermal vision)

90) Tom clancy's Rainbow six: Raven Shield

91) Tom clancy's Rainbow six: Lockdown (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)

92) Tomb raider: Anniversary

93) Tomb raider: Legend

94) Total Overdose

95) Transformers

96) Warhammer 40000 Dawn of war: Soulstorm

97) X-Men 3: The official game (runs using 3D ANALYZE, Emulate HW TnL caps, Force SW TnL)

Oldies:- (Games that require less than or equal to 16MB video memory)

1) Alien vs Predator 2

2) Age of Empires 1

3) Age of Empires 2

4) Age of Mythology

5) Black and White 1

6) C&C Red Alert 1

7) C&C Red Alert 2

8) C&C Tiberian sun

9) Castles and Catapults

10) Commandos 2 - Men of courage

11) Condition Zero

12) Claw

13) Crazy Taxi 1

14) Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

15) Drakan

16) Emperor: Battle for Dune

17) Empire Earth 1

18) Fate of the Dragon (Sanguo)

19) Half Life 1

20) Hotrod: American Street Drag

21) Max Payne 1

22) Medal of honor: Allied Assault

23) Midtown Madness 1

24) Midtown Madness 2

25) Mortal Kombat 4

26) Motocross Madness

27) Moto GP 1

28) Moto GP 2

29) Need for speed 2

30) Need for speed 5: Porche

31) Need for speed 6: Hot Pursuit 2

32) Novalogic Commanche 4

33) Patriots: A nation under fire

34) Pharaoh and Cleopatra

35) Project IGI 1

36) Quake 3

37) Red Faction 2

38) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

39) Return to the castle: Wolfenstien

40) Revolt

41) Roadrash

42) School Tycoon

43) Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

44) The mummy

45) Tom clancy's: Ghost Recon

46) Virtua Cop 2

47) Warcraft 1

48) Warcraft 2

49) Warcraft 3


51) XIII (Thirteen)

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37 comments: on "List of games that run on my PC successfully"

Anonymous said...

hey ow did u play X-men using 3d analyse.....

Anonymous said...

Maaaan, i tryed some games like gta san andreas, devil may cry, wow...and there is a very big lag...can`t play...i have 384 ram, and a 915gl...2,26 p4 intel procesor...what can I do? ( sry 4 my english )

sgr said...
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sgr said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dr. Momin Sohil said...

nice info here i just want to know where can i get the list of games playble on intel 845 gvsrl mother board graphics with or without 3d analyser

and can you pls help me with the emulation options for the suffereing game in 845 with 3d anylyze

Miri said...

Thank you for explaining this in detail in layman's terms. I knew it was possible - I just had to find it. Found your post trying to understand the **exact** rationale for why my computer will not run the player software for Blue Mars. And it it was true that it was not impossible to do so without buying a whole new system. Thanks for the taking the time to write your blog.

Sayantan said...

I have downloaded Age Of Empires 3 Trail to test the game.I have intel 915 video card without hardware TL and lightning. I cannot see anything just some patches of brown and black colours and the menu buttons. I have a Intel g33 vedio card. Will it work on that? I have tried to use 3d analyzer. but it shows me an error.Please help because I like the game very much.

PTC Experts said...

Actually Age of empires 3 works fine without 3D analyze. If Age of empires 3 Menu is being displayed fine, goto settings and set all the graphic options to low. Else you can try updating your graphic drivers.

Anonymous said...

List of unique games
1)Crucis Fatal+Fake[Fighting Game]
2)Omega Gold Edition[Fighting Game]
4)Still Life[Adventure]
5)Cellfactor Revolution[Shooting and Combat]
Till Now Only this much but will be updated sonn by ME :}
-AssasinsCreed or just ASSASIN

Anonymous said...

''Oblivon'' works without using Oldblivion and just with 3d analyzer.''Resident evil 4'' runs smooth with 3d analyzer too as ''The Witcher'' do

Anonymous said...

Thanks man....For the list of games... I already played about 85% games of the list...Now I will play the rest.

PTC Experts said...

Thanks for posting this list of unique games. We'll verify and add the list to the section.
Next time please comment in appropriate section.

For unique games:

Here is the Index ... this will help u with blog navigation ;):

And hey sorry guys, I don't have enough time to update this blog. As I say ... it takes a hell lot of research before u write something.

Also let us know if anyone wants to be the author of our blog, u can mail me @

Thanks :)

Luke Skywalker said...

I bought Lego Star Wars II, and I used the 3-d analyzer, but I can't get my game to work!! Can someone help me please?

Anonymous said...

use sssaa tool to increase contrast and clearity of game

PTC Experts said...

I don't think you need 3D-Analyzer to make Lego star wars II work on your system, not sure though ;)

PTC Experts said...

Thanks for the info.
Correction: It's SSAA tool.

Guys, you can find more info about this tool here:,1116.0.html

Anonymous said...

Can i play NFS shift in g31???

●๋•мαηιѕн♥²™ said...

wel tuck in manhunt
and manhunt2 also..(for manhunt2:emulate hw Tnl caps).

chloselily said...

Online gaming is the buzzword these days and new game like online psp games, cheap Nintendo game and more game are available.

neeraj said...

games for 64 mb intel g31 chipset?
Add some more first person shooter war games

adarsh said...

can anyone tell me how to run Marc ecko's getting up contents under pressure by 3d analyzer

Poopers said...

I'm using xp, with Intel GMA 900, any idea to play
MGS 2 Substance

. Thank YOU

rdk007 said...

dude i also have intel g33 but with vram 256 mb and ram 1 gb.
i play following games on my pc
i use a software called swiftshader 3,its a pixel shader 3 emulator and i can play all the latest games using it

Assassin's Creed
NFS Under Cover
call of duty 4
fallout 3
hitman 4 blood money
the witcher
made man
devil may cry 3(can be played using 3d analyzer,just tick force 100Hz and use vendor,device id for 9800 pro)

just check youtube,u will find lots of games r playable on our intel g33.

adjbuzz said...

Does anyone know how to get Age of Conan to run with 3DAnalyze? I have it installed and I can get it to open the patch client, but when I hit start, it still gives me a graphics card error.

PTC Experts said...

Thanks everyone for the info. I have been outta this for long time now. I would suggest to get a graphic card to play all latest games :) --> GT240 or better card would do.

Anonymous said...

i need config 4 assesin's creed 1.plz

Anonymous said...

Hey what's up? I started with Alpha Prime, i loved it. And i will continue with the others as well. Intel945g rocks!!!!!!!!Thank Jesus for this pc..

Anonymous said...

clive barker's undying is also fine wrkn wid low cards too

Anonymous said...

Hey add "Darkstar One" to your games list..and since we're at space ships..add Independence War 2 - Edge of Chaos and a space rts named "Project Earth-Starmageddon"

Anonymous said...

rise of nations 2 rise of legends work in 3d analyzer

Anonymous said...

other games you may forgot Nfs Carbon(no lagg with low setting,only tested on window 7 32bit),Command and Conquer 3 tiberium wars(high setting,shader option must medium,otherwise will game crash),chaser(highest),Max Payne 1,2(highest),Splinter cell chaos theory (3d Analyzer)Rome total war,FIFA 2010,PES 1010,Half life 2 episode 1,2.

Anonymous said...

thanks i have intel g31 256mb vram i can play most of the game without any problem and without any aditional soft like 3d analyzer or swiftshader

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deepak kona said...

hey man
it is a working games for intel g33 g31 express chipset family
1.GTA gadar (punjab)
2.Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles
3.Freedom fighters
4.GTA myraid island
5.GTA 1
6.GTA 2

deepak kona said...

games that work on 16 mb video card games are
1.prince of persia 3d
2.sonic adventure Dx cut
3.GTA 1
4.GTA 2
5.pokemon the global adventurer
add the games

deepak kona said...

games that work on 16 mb video card games are
1.prince of persia 3d
2.sonic adventure Dx cut
3.GTA 1
4.GTA 2
5.pokemon the global adventurer
add the games

xXxGamerxXx TV said...

here are fer more games you can play with low spec pc

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