Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Unique PC games

Are you tired playing the same typical first person/3rd person shooters, racing or strategy games? If your answer is yes!, you are at right page.

When we add a game here to this list, it implies that no other game has come even closer to these games. I m sure all of u know what unique means. Rather than making it a boring theory I would put up a list of these games.

Note: This is not just a list, click the links and read reviews on these games.

Also note: These games may contain first person/3rd person shooters/ racing or strategy games if and only if they have some uniqueness.
  1. Indigo prophecy
  2. Dreamfall - The longest journey
  3. The void
  4. Broken sword 3 - The sleeping dragon
  5. World in conflict
  6. PSI OPS
  7. Black and white 2

If u have played any unique games, please post comments and let us know.


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4 comments: on "Unique PC games"

Purnendu said...

I have played Indigo Prophecy and truely it was unique
thanks for the list !!!!!!!!!

r4 ds cards said...

According to me the Black and white 2 unique PC game. This game i play in my every weekend. The challenges of this game are very hard to complete.

Anonymous said...

Dreamfall: The longest journey.... One of the most beautiful games I've ever played =) I hope there will be a sequel/conclusion though as the story seems to be nly half told

Niti Chauhan said...

Hey, thanks for sharing. your are right Indigo prophecy is unique game. i have played Indigo Prophect is unique. I downloaded this game Car towing service site.

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